2 Channel Receiver & RF/Neo Boost

The Heatmiser Boost and RF Switch are surface mounting for easy installation.

Heatmiser Boost

The Heatmiser Boost is our surface mount repeater for the RF and Neo System.  The Heatmiser Boost is designed to extend the communication between the RF Thermostats and Wiring Centre and the neoStat/neoAir & neoHub.

CompatibilitySlimline RF, Touch-RF, UH8-RF, Neo System
Supply230v AC

Heatmiser RF Switch

The Heatmiser RF Switch is a 2 channel receiver. It can cater for a single heating zone and the hot water cylinder as well as providing a boiler enable output. Output indications are provided and the unit is surface mount for easy installation.

In addition, the RF Switch can act as a wireless boiler enable link from the UH8-RF 8 Zone Wiring Wiring Centre.

FeatureRF Switch
No. Of Heating Zones1
No. of Hot Water Zones1
Boiler Output1
Mounting TypeSurface
Relay Load Max3A Resisitive
Total Load Max9A Resistive
Supply230v AC
Dimensions (L,H,D)108x90x24mm