OEM Solutions

Partner with Heatmiser and spend more of your time on your core business whilst we take care of the product development.

Get in touch – sales@heatmiser.cn

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  • Save time - Benefit from our R&D

    Benefit from our continuous product development whilst you spend time on your core business. Our R&D teams are constantly on the look-out for the next thing and so partnering with Heatmiser means you benefit from any new feature or product.

  • Extensive Product Range

    Our extensive product range means we can offer a family of products at different price points. From our dial thermostats to our Smart Neo System, you can be sure we have options available for all.

  • OEM Customisations

    In addition to placing your company logo on the product, we can also make custom design changes according to your requirements. Whilst minimum order quantities apply, this offers an excellent way to differentiate your product in the market.

Our R&D Teams are constantly evolving our products to ensure that we are offering our clients the most technologically advanced solution.