OEM Series

Electric Floor Heating Thermostat


The HM-01-16A Electric Floor Heating Thermostat is an OEM only product.

Designed specifically with electric floor heating in mind, the HM-01-16A is supplied with a 3M remote sensor and is compatible with all electic floor systems with a total load less than 16A.

Headline Features

  • Touch Key Design

    The HM-01-16A uses modern touch key technology. Together with a simple to use user interface, the HM-01-16A offers a premium control option for floor heating systems.

  • Flexible Programming

    The HM-01-16A  can be used in 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day programming mode with up to 6 temperature levels per day.

  • Self Learning Preheat

    The HM-01-16A offers optimum start, a feature were the thermostat calculates the amount of heat up time required.

  • Cool White Backlight

    The HM-01-16A incorporates a cool white back light that automatically switches off after 30s of inactivity.

  • Holiday Programming

    The HM-01-16A offers holiday programming. The set back temperature will be maintained during the holiday, whilst at the end of the holiday the heating will switch back to the programmed schedule.

OEM Options

  • Branded Product
  • Branded Manual & Packaging
  • Localised Manual
  • MOQ Applies



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